Information Regarding White Line Infrigements

Information Regarding White Line Infringements and Race Marshals

Many of you will be aware that there was a serious accident at our Winter Series race last Sunday. Club member John Williams was knocked unconscious in a collision with a car but was very lucky to thankfully come through with only minor injuries. It appears that there was a clash of handlebars in the bunch leading to John losing control and accidently crossing the centre line and colliding with the car.
Following the crash, there has been intense scrutiny of the club and our traffic management plan, from both the police and Waipa Council. It has been made abundantly clear to us as a committee that if we don’t stick to the rules regarding traffic management and the road code, then we can be held personally liable for any accidents which occur, with criminal charges possible if we don’t have it 100% right.
It has been very disappointing to hear reports of a number of riders, across the grades, deliberately crossing the centre line last Sunday. At our committee meeting on Thursday, there was some fairly robust discussion and it has been agreed again that there will be zero tolerance for crossing the white line, at any point on the race circuit.
This will include sharp left turns such as the corner of Aspin Rd turning onto Flume Rd in our race this Sunday.  It’s common for some riders to take a wide berth when approaching and exiting corners such as this. Please BE AWARE that there will be cones in the middle of the road on the approach to corners like this, and the exit from it. This is a requirement in our Traffic Management Plan. The answer for everyone to get around safely is to SLOW DOWN.  Leave the racing for the straights.
There will also be no allowance for riders crossing the white line at the finish on Flume Rd, despite this being a narrow road. There will be a video camera recording the finish in all of the grades and anyone over the white line will automatically be DQ’d.  If you get boxed in, then accept it, hold your line, and think about planning to start your sprint earlier next time. DON’T try to come round the outside or force your way through the middle at the last minute. Both options are very dangerous.
Each of the grades will have a marshal appointed. The marshal will have the power to tell offenders to withdraw from the race, and return to the finish where you will have Melinda, Heather and Jo/Cath to deal with as you hand your number in!!  You will be DQ’d and suspended from racing for the following week as well. Anyone DQ’d twice will be suspended for the series.
Ultimately these measures are aimed at keeping everyone safe and to allow us to continue racing. If we don’t enforce these rules and have our traffic management 100% correct, then our days of club racing are numbered. We would REALLY appreciate it if everyone could co-operate, and work together to keep safe, obey the law and protect the future of our club.
Marc Gascoigne
Te Awamutu Sports Cycling 

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